14 October 2016

Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh, India

Had a few days here to see the famous exotic carvings and temples that are a world heritage sight. The numerous temples, dating back to the 10th century, have great examples of very artistic sculptures all the way around the temples. They show numerous gods, warriors and women in lots of poses and dances.

The temples are spread out across the village in a few different groups. I cycled out through the old village to see the Jain temples, where there was a contrast of the old temples against ones that have been restored and painted. Inside the temple here is me in front of the jet black marble sculpture at the centre.

By the old village I stopped by the Narora Sagar (lake) to see some locals fishing. This young boy had caught a small bag of these fish.

11 October 2016

Orchha, Madhya Pradesh, India

After a quiet afternoon escaping the heat in a mall in the town of Indore, I got an overnight sleeper to Jhansi, not far from Orchha,  which is a historic village on the banks of the river Betwa.
There are two 17th century palaces that stand above the village, the Jehangir Mahal and the Raj Mahal. They were great for exploring, and after a maze of stairways I found my way to the top to give this view across numerous other ruins towards the river.

Further along the river are the Chhatris (or Cenotaphs) to Orchha's rulers over the years, here are the views at sunset, and just after sunset on the river.
With Orccha being a little more touristy there were plenty if locals who wanted me to "look my shop", with this guy having all kinds of trinkets and charms on offer.

8 October 2016

Mandav (Mandu), Madhya Pradesh, India

Mandav or Mandu; as its mainly referred to as; is a small village, elevated 600m up on a plateau in the forest. Its home to a world heritage site of 15th century afghan ruins and remains of many temples and palaces, great for roaming around and exploring which I did by bicycle.
As its just the end of the monsoon theres still be quite a few clouds around which have not been great for photography, but the sun did appear yesterday for this shot:
The local children were having great fun jumping into the water around the Jahaz Mahal (ship palace), which was built with many pleasure pools to relax in.
The local food has again been great, with it not being touristy its been proper indian spicy, below is a local chai wallah, serving chai up here for only 6 rupees (usually 10 rupees elsewhere!).
This little temple was still setting up the fairy lights for tuesday's Dussera holiday whilst blaring out some hindi music.

6 October 2016

Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh, India

Not to far up the road from Omakreshwar (but still a few hours by local bus) is the village of Maheshwar. Its stand out feature is the 16th century fort built high above the river, with steps leading down to the ghats along the river itself. I explored around the old fort and along the river where people come to bath and pray, so its been a relaxing couple of days here. It is currently Durga Puja which is followed in a few days by the Dussehra hindi religious holiday which marks the victory of good over evil, and also explains why they have been playing hindi music so loud and late into the evening!

4 October 2016

Omkareshwar, Madhya Pradesh, India

Continuing in a north east direction coming up from Maharashtra, 3 hours by train a couple more on the local bus and I reached Omkareshwar. Its a holy place for hindi pilgrims where a small island sits in the Narmada River, with various temples and ghats to bathe in the water.
I have not spotted any other western tourists, so its definitely been a truely local experience, with food to match, above is my lunch of puri bhaji.
These photos show Omkareshwar throughout the day, firstly looking down river from the new bridge  that links to the island. Then at sunset viewing the main temple on the left, then finally on the steps down to the river looking across to the holy island, showing the colourful boats that ferry people across.