26 July 2008

Ko Samet

Well after the weather not being great in chang rai i decided to fly back to bangkok early
which meant i had time to travel round down the east coast, stayed a night in pattaya
before moving on to ko samet, nice chilled out island with a few bars and fire shows on the beach
came back up to bangkok friday for my last weekend in the capital
had a wander round the chatuchat market 2day, aswell as the siam shopping centre and aquarium
gona have a nice thai massarge 2moro and chill out before the long flights home starting monday night!

18 July 2008

Chang Rai

well arrived in chang rai yesterday, had to wait an extra day to get a bus,
due to it being busy over a buddhist holiday
neway, the weather in northern thailand isnt upto much!
so flying back down to bangkok on monday, and might go stay in ayuthaya the old city for a few days
went and saw the white temple yesterday, so gna take it easy over the weekend

15 July 2008

Chang mai




here are some pictures from yesterdays trip

was a load of zip lines and walk ways up in the jungle,

so spent the afternoon flying from tree to tree!

did manage to video some of it aswell will get them up at some point

see also www.treetopasia.com

well last day in chang mai 2day as moving on abit further north 2moro to chang rai.

13 July 2008

Chang Mai

Now staying in the city of chang mai, stayin in the 'old' part of the city, within the moat
have had a good few relaxing days wandering round the dozens of different buddhist Wats (temples), and took lots of pictures of all the sites
2day the sunday walking street market is on, so watching the comings and goings of people along the big main road.
heres just a couple of pictures, of a temple, and then the artwork inside

7 July 2008

Hua Hin

Just stopping at hua hin for a night on my way up to bangkok, so have bin sat on a ferry on bus this afternoon to get here!

nice place and can finally upload a few of the last weeks photos...

6 July 2008

ko toa

well after a week of non stop partys on ko phan yan, mainly at the coral resort and its pool partys, retreat was needed,
so had a few quite days round the coast north of thong sala,
before catching the ferry over to ko toa on friday
yesterday we hired mountain bikes and conquered our way across the whole island, which was completely shattering!
goin to make my way back up to bangkok 2moro or tuesday, before catching my flight up north to chang mai on wednesday, had plenty of beach time here, so might be abit more active up north and do abit more sight seeing, maybe.