18 December 2009


Well had a busy end of year in university, with it being my last year especially.
But only 1 term left and a few exams to go, still lots of work to be finished by then though.
I do have a weekend away booked for my birthday in febuary though to Krakow, Poland.
So will update then.

13 September 2009


A last couple of pictures, back home now and 1 more year of studying to do, before perhaps an epic adventure


The last few days of the trip was spent looking round mumbai and just taking it easy before the journey home.
We took in the very grand taj palace hotel nearby, and even went the cinema to see a bollywood film which was pretty funny.
All in all I can say india was pretty good, maybe abit tiring to travel round, but alot more could be saw as I only spent 5 weeks there, so until next time!

5 September 2009


After little rain in the monsoon it has finally decided to catch up this week whilst in Palolem, Goa. So unfortunately it has been a slight washout; only in some respects though; as we have still ate well and relaxed in the beach bars. Perhaps the only thing lacking has been the sun and abit more beach time.
A short afternoon flight 2moro will take us up to Mumbai, for the final 3 nights of our journey.

1 September 2009


INDIA, Photos

INDIA, Back to Goa

Well after returning to goa on an early morning train from hampi we stayed in the town of panjim for just a couple of nights and had relative luxury in a hotel. Stayed here to visit the small town of old goa just down the road which has sum very intresting old cathedrals and churches dating back to when the portuguese lived in goa.
After that we moved up to north goa to anjuna, were sadly we were disappionted by the beach, and its general grottyness. That said it didnt deter us from enjoyin a nice sunday in the sun and an afternoon sunday rave! which went well as we all got drunk, but also fell over haha.
So after a heavy night the decision was made to return back down to the south to palolem beach and take it easy here for the week!

26 August 2009

INDIA, Hampi

Well whilst there has been numerous outpourings of rain this week in hampi its bin rather relaxing with lots of sights
Our friends from goa made it here also so we explored lots of the different ancient temples and ruins along with the boulder landscape, b4 relaxing on our quiet side of the river. Some of the temples seemed to be overrun with monkeys aswell which was amusing.
Withe time running out we decided not to carry on with our friends (who wer goin down to kerula) and simply return back to panjim; the town in goa; before returning to a beach to soak up the sun before mumbai.

22 August 2009

INDIA, Hampi

Currently in the very very ancient town of Hampi that has plenty of ancient ruins and temples to offer so will be exploring these, there are all set among masses of rocks and boulders so very impressive landscape.
We do have to wait for a little boat to cross over the river to enable us to reach out accomdation but its a fantastic thatched cottage looking out over the rice plantations!
The weather birghtened uptowards the end of the week on palolem beach, and had met loads of fellow travellers from drinking on the beach, so we all proceeded to rent scooters and explore another beach as a day out, which was great.
Have booked a flight from goa to mumbai for the return journey so after lots of exploring here will go and have some more beach time.

19 August 2009


Well have slowed down to life on palolem beach here in goa this week, whilst relatively quiet as its low season at the moment, there has bin the odd beach bar party and afew nice sunny days to relax and wander around.
Have the train booked to hampi for friday morning so will go and see the ancient ruins then

16 August 2009

INDIA, Goa after train ride

Well our arrival on palolem beach in goa last nite was pretty late -
This was due to the face that the already very very long train journey from agra was 2 hours late, so after leaving 12 o clok friday lunchtime we got here 11 o clock saturday night! The journey was very long and rather boring in most parts, but the various different indian families did entertain us with their english and games like chess.
Plan on relaxin a good few days in goa now, the beach is pretty sweet, and had a look round the village; abit quiet as monsoon season and there is just an afternoon shower on the go now.

12 August 2009

INDIA, Taj Mahal (Agra)

Well after arriving yesterday on a not too long and bumpy coach ride, today we were up early to go and see 1 of the biggest sites there is... the Taj Mahal, which is in Agra

Its every bit as amazing and outstanding as you can think, so will upload them soon

Other fun this morning was waking up early to try and book a seat on the train down to goa, which we managed to in the end only after much talk in the reservation office

Tea time now im working my way through sampling all the different veg curries there is to offer aswell as the stable diet of rice and roti or naan bread

10 August 2009

INDIA, Jaipur

Well we made it to jaipur yesterday on the early morning train,
which was an experiance in itself as we had the luxory of the aircon chair carriage, so tea and breakfast was served to us and the indian middle classes

Saw abit of the old pink city 2day, including the city palace which was cool
Getting the bus to agra 2moro to see the iconic Taj Mahal.

Still a rather high thirty something degrees so it will be beach time once weve done sight seeing.

7 August 2009

INDIA, Delhi

Well after a long day of travelling on wednesday (gettin the train down to london and underground across town) and the 9 or so hours flight with jet airways which was pretty good, we woke up thursday morning in Delhi.
Obv sleep had to be caught up on and adjusting to the temperature of around 35 degrees, but we have maniged to wander round the extremely extreme hustle and bustle streets of the area.
Saw a few sights 2day including the Red Fort and India Gate, before sorting out an early morning train ride to Jaipur for sun. Will get lots more photos and update then.

12 June 2009


Spent a busy 2 weeks on the very west of Ireland, past Galway near Clifden undertaking fieldwork for my university project. The conditions were abit indifferent some of the days, but fieldwork still had to be done, which was geological mapping.
Anyway some great scenery and landscape in Ireland, shame about it being so expensive on the euro

14 May 2009

Ireland - May & India in August

Well just to update really,
have spent last month working and had a few uni exams
off to the West of Ireland on saturday for a couple of weeks, mainly to due project work for university, but it should be nice.
My next planned expedition is India for about 5 weeks, August into September
so got a flight sorted for that out to Delhi returning from Bombay
Just planning my adventure there at the moment, am sure it will include seeing the Taj Mahal and sights in Agar and Jeipur near Delhi, before going down south to Goa and Bombay, still much to decide tho!

17 April 2009


Just a few photos from around the georgetown, penang, just resting at home now, deciding where to go next as ever!

15 April 2009

Penang then home

Well had luvly few days relaxing in penang, had a swimmin pool on the 6th floor of my hotel lookin out over the city, so that was pretty cool
whilst there isnt that much in the city, there is such a choice of food, from all indian, chinese and malay so was well fed
did go and see the old fort and how the city was set up aswell as a good wander round, pictures stil on camera
Have jus flew from back from Penang, so sat in Kuala Lumpur International Airport w8in for the first leg of my return journey, will be back in the uk thursday lunchtime
no doubt i will update soon and put pictures up
so thats this holiday done for now!

12 April 2009

Penang, back into Malaysia

Well after a very long bu journey all the way from ko samui i got down to penang in malaysia last nite, were spending last 4 days b4 leaving on wednesday nite
full moon was gud, and obvious had a gud few quality nites out round the bars of chewang
done abit of site seeing and wanderin round the city and chinatown 2day, wil post sum pics l8r in week

9 April 2009

ko samui

well its the fullmoon party 2nite and weve bin warming up to it all week out on the lash in chewang
so needless to say a major hangover is brewing for 2moro
gotta be up at 6 o clock 2 get the bus down to penang!
heres a few pics from around ko samui

5 April 2009


here are some photos from earlier in the week, ao nang and ko lanta
just chillin out in ko samui now wunderfull weather 2day

4 April 2009

Ko Samui

Well made it up to Ko Samui, but unfortunately just waiting for the weather to improve as theres abit too much tropical rain at the moment!
Got nice hotel in chewang for 600 baht so enjoyin bit of luxary
hopefully dryer later for a saturday nite out on the town!

2 April 2009

Ao Nang - Ko Lanta

Well i made it up to krabi in thailand and went and stayed in gud old ao nang for a few days, after findin a few people and endin up in the lunar bar all night i fell asleep pissed -
and woke up the next day with bites all over me arm and back! needless to say i wasnt happy
was busy and pretty hot in ao nang, got a boat over yesterday to Ko lanta
which is gorjus and very chilled out, got a classic little beach hut
its rained 2day tho so thinkin of doin the bus ride over to the other side 2moro
and get up to Ko samui to spend a full week ther b4 i go back down to malaysia
will be up early 2moro so just a few beers and watch the fireshows on the beach 2nite!

29 March 2009

Kuala Lumpur

Well after a long flite and some rest have bin round Kuala Lumpur 2day
hotel is pretty decent but is rite in the middle of the chinatown market, quite funny really
looked at the petronas towers and shopping centre there
and went up the 400m menara tower to have a view over the entire city pretty gud
airasia'in it 2moro up to krabi in thailand so gna get sum beach time in

4 March 2009

Easter to Kuala Lumpur

Well its just 3 weeks b4 i fly to Kuala Lumpur where am goin to stay for the weekend before flying up to Krabi in Thailand, i think then i am goin to stay on Ko Phi Phi or Ko lanta, before returning into Malaysia and possibly stayin in Penang before making my way back down to KL.

13 January 2009

2009 goin to stockholm

well its the new year and for my birthday im going to stockholm, am sure in febuary it will be quite cold, but should be a good weekend none the less

also a flight is booked to kuala lumpur for the easter break, i plan to stay there for a few days aswell as visiting penang and perhaps going up into thailand, but haven't decided yet