Ao Nang - Ko Lanta

Well i made it up to krabi in thailand and went and stayed in gud old ao nang for a few days, after findin a few people and endin up in the lunar bar all night i fell asleep pissed -
and woke up the next day with bites all over me arm and back! needless to say i wasnt happy
was busy and pretty hot in ao nang, got a boat over yesterday to Ko lanta
which is gorjus and very chilled out, got a classic little beach hut
its rained 2day tho so thinkin of doin the bus ride over to the other side 2moro
and get up to Ko samui to spend a full week ther b4 i go back down to malaysia
will be up early 2moro so just a few beers and watch the fireshows on the beach 2nite!