17 April 2009


Just a few photos from around the georgetown, penang, just resting at home now, deciding where to go next as ever!

15 April 2009

Penang then home

Well had luvly few days relaxing in penang, had a swimmin pool on the 6th floor of my hotel lookin out over the city, so that was pretty cool
whilst there isnt that much in the city, there is such a choice of food, from all indian, chinese and malay so was well fed
did go and see the old fort and how the city was set up aswell as a good wander round, pictures stil on camera
Have jus flew from back from Penang, so sat in Kuala Lumpur International Airport w8in for the first leg of my return journey, will be back in the uk thursday lunchtime
no doubt i will update soon and put pictures up
so thats this holiday done for now!

12 April 2009

Penang, back into Malaysia

Well after a very long bu journey all the way from ko samui i got down to penang in malaysia last nite, were spending last 4 days b4 leaving on wednesday nite
full moon was gud, and obvious had a gud few quality nites out round the bars of chewang
done abit of site seeing and wanderin round the city and chinatown 2day, wil post sum pics l8r in week

9 April 2009

ko samui

well its the fullmoon party 2nite and weve bin warming up to it all week out on the lash in chewang
so needless to say a major hangover is brewing for 2moro
gotta be up at 6 o clock 2 get the bus down to penang!
heres a few pics from around ko samui

5 April 2009


here are some photos from earlier in the week, ao nang and ko lanta
just chillin out in ko samui now wunderfull weather 2day

4 April 2009

Ko Samui

Well made it up to Ko Samui, but unfortunately just waiting for the weather to improve as theres abit too much tropical rain at the moment!
Got nice hotel in chewang for 600 baht so enjoyin bit of luxary
hopefully dryer later for a saturday nite out on the town!

2 April 2009

Ao Nang - Ko Lanta

Well i made it up to krabi in thailand and went and stayed in gud old ao nang for a few days, after findin a few people and endin up in the lunar bar all night i fell asleep pissed -
and woke up the next day with bites all over me arm and back! needless to say i wasnt happy
was busy and pretty hot in ao nang, got a boat over yesterday to Ko lanta
which is gorjus and very chilled out, got a classic little beach hut
its rained 2day tho so thinkin of doin the bus ride over to the other side 2moro
and get up to Ko samui to spend a full week ther b4 i go back down to malaysia
will be up early 2moro so just a few beers and watch the fireshows on the beach 2nite!