13 September 2009


A last couple of pictures, back home now and 1 more year of studying to do, before perhaps an epic adventure


The last few days of the trip was spent looking round mumbai and just taking it easy before the journey home.
We took in the very grand taj palace hotel nearby, and even went the cinema to see a bollywood film which was pretty funny.
All in all I can say india was pretty good, maybe abit tiring to travel round, but alot more could be saw as I only spent 5 weeks there, so until next time!

5 September 2009


After little rain in the monsoon it has finally decided to catch up this week whilst in Palolem, Goa. So unfortunately it has been a slight washout; only in some respects though; as we have still ate well and relaxed in the beach bars. Perhaps the only thing lacking has been the sun and abit more beach time.
A short afternoon flight 2moro will take us up to Mumbai, for the final 3 nights of our journey.

1 September 2009


INDIA, Photos

INDIA, Back to Goa

Well after returning to goa on an early morning train from hampi we stayed in the town of panjim for just a couple of nights and had relative luxury in a hotel. Stayed here to visit the small town of old goa just down the road which has sum very intresting old cathedrals and churches dating back to when the portuguese lived in goa.
After that we moved up to north goa to anjuna, were sadly we were disappionted by the beach, and its general grottyness. That said it didnt deter us from enjoyin a nice sunday in the sun and an afternoon sunday rave! which went well as we all got drunk, but also fell over haha.
So after a heavy night the decision was made to return back down to the south to palolem beach and take it easy here for the week!