Esfahan - Iran

After alot of travelling recently have slowed down now to enjoy the wonderful historical city of Esfahan.  Have already spent time looking round Iman Square (which is the 2nd largest square in the world after Tianamen Sq in China), which has the Iman Mosque at one end and the old palace to the west, with the shops and bazaar running around the outside. 

Have been able to find some much more interesting Iranian food including:
Esfahan Biryan - which is ground lamb served on a large flat bread with lime and salad, was reasonably tasty.
Ash - some sort of very thick soup thats a strange yellow colour, containing meat and vegetables all mixed together, ment to be a speciality but wasn't that impressed with it.
Fereni - a sweet desert made of rice flour, sugar and rose water.  I just thought it tasted like a strange angel delight pudding.
And tried lots of cakes like these here from the bakeries.

Also spent last night walking along the river looking at the 200 year old bridges that cross it, but most of the entertainment came from trying to hook up with 1 of the iranian girls, and being told numerous things that are forbidden in iran.  We witnessed this first hand as some local boys playing music and singing under the bridge got a telling off from the police!  So no wunder many of the young people aren't fussed on their country, it can be pretty strict.

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