India up to Nepal

Setting off early morning from Varanasi the plan was simple, get a bus upto Sunauli where the border crossing is located, cross in the evening before getting a night bus over to Kathmandu.
In reality this turned into a much longer bus journey I had hoped for, passing through the fields of India took most of the day on the government bus and by the time i reached the border it was pretty late. So i cut my losses and stayed in a small guest-house here.
I was up early in the morning though, and with a few stamps of a passport and a few american dollars handed over for a visa i was in Nepal.
So another day of travel was ahead of me before my destination, the journey was more hours than I would have hoped for, but this was no problem as there were infinite stops along the way to buy bag fulls of fruit or whatever snacks the locals were selling.  And there was also the scenery, which started off with fields of lush green, before crossing rivers and weaving through the bottoms of the mountains.  By nightfall I had arrived in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal.