17 November 2010

Lahore - Pakistan

     Well after the amount of travelling recently I have enjoyed winding down for the rest of the week here in Lahore.  Have walked around the old city; which is a total maze of shopkeepers and traders; to see the old Fort, which despite looking abit worse for were was pleasant to visit.  Badshahi Mosque is next to the fort and has the largest mosque courtyard in the world where people congregate outside.  Aswell as seeing the sights I had the chance to do some shopping here and invest in a Shalwar Kameez, which is a tradional pakistani outfit of a long cotton shirt and baggy pants, I have to say it is very comfortable and is like wearing pyjamas allday long.

There is so much choice for the street food here in Lahore, and I have enjoyed lots of spicy dhal, biryani, chicken curry, rotis and naan breads.
Today is much quiter in Lahore as it is the 'Eid-ul-Adha' festival, which is the feast of sacrifice, so there have been goat skins around the streets today after people have feasted on them.


nannyholmes said...

Hi Tom, you look quite the thing in the National costume, so sensible. You really should write a book of your travels, it is fascinating. I love the account of the wedding feast. Save a lot of hassle if English adopted the same system. But when would boy meet girl? Is there a separate night for dancing celebrations? Have fun, lots love, Nanny

Rob said...
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Rob said...

Interesting stuff mate. LOL that shirt is hilarious - if they shrink your laundry in india you will have at least one shirt ok to wear!