21 December 2010

Palolem, Goa, INDIA

Well after the long journey over the past few months i have already been staying in Palolem for 2 weeks just relaxing, eating well, and doing abit of running and swimming.  Am currently trying to write a full book on my adventure here so that has been consuming some of my time. Plan to stay here over the christmas and new year period aswell as most of january.

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nannyholmes said...

Happy Christmas Tom. How does it feel just to relax in the warmth? I'm trying not to panic but I wish it wasn't quite so cold! Whatever you will be doing on Christmas Day, enjoy it and know that we'll raise a glass to you at our family dinner thinking about you. Well I've done the menu, done the shopping so it's all systems go now, Lots and lots of love from Nanny xx