26 December 2010

Christmas on the Beach, Goa

Well had a good few days celebrating the holidays over here.  We had a Christmas seafood dinner down on the beach on Christmas Eve whilst watching the sun go down, then went off to party for the rest of the night, so was abit hungover yesterday!  Had a full english breakfast though n relaxed the rest of the day, here is a couple of photos:

And not forgetting Happy Christmas where ever people are reading this!

21 December 2010

Palolem, Goa, INDIA

Well after the long journey over the past few months i have already been staying in Palolem for 2 weeks just relaxing, eating well, and doing abit of running and swimming.  Am currently trying to write a full book on my adventure here so that has been consuming some of my time. Plan to stay here over the christmas and new year period aswell as most of january.

8 December 2010

Goa, India, OVERLAND, from Wirral, England

So after 80 days of travelling, i went from this:
 to this:
Across 12 countries, on 12 different trains, using over 30 buses, dozens of taxis or rick-shaws, the odd metro or tram, & a ferry.
It has been a distance of around 14 000 kilometers, and has been an incredible, unbelievable journey.  I have met countless helpful locals, tons of fellow travellers and many decent people along the way.  I'd like to thank anybody who has helped or been apart of the trip so far, and for now, you will find me relaxing somewhere around Palolem Beach, South Goa, India.

7 December 2010

Mumbai - India

Had a slight hiccup trying to travel from Varanasi down to Mumbai as the train ticket I had purchased was a waitlisted ticket, so despite being 5th on the list I didn't make it onto the train.  This wasn't too much of a drama though as got a ticket for the following day, and had an extra day in Varanasi.
Only spending the night and day in Mumbai today.  But have had enough time to walk around the Coluba area of the city, have some good street food for lunch (pav bhaji - just curried vegetables and bread rolls, very cheap) and just off to see a Bollywood film later before; what will be the final leg of my overland journey; the train down to Goa!

4 December 2010

Nepal back down to India

After a night and day bus back from Kathmandu I arrived back in Varanasi to hopefully get the train onto Mumbai and then finally Goa.  Trains are pretty busy at the moment though, and getting a ticket can include abit of luck so having to wait until tomorrow to get a ticket I hope, then i should be on my way to Mumbai.
Here are some photos from around Kathmandu:
 1 of the many colourful squares with various temples
 Local deep frying some local sweets
 These are from around Durbar Square, 1 of the main squares in Kathmandu.  Below is the other Durbar Square located south of the city in Patan, then finally me outside the museum.