3 February 2011

Mysore, India

Had another nice day today wandering around the town, walked out to the zoo this morning and looked at all the animals including indian and african elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes and many more.  Then went to the art gallery thisa afternoon to see some of the paintings from the maharaja colonial era of india very good.  Anyway here is a few of the photos:

 Above Mysore palace completed in 1912

 Typical south indian meal of veg thali  surved authentically on banana leaf
 Me walking back home to the hostel past the lake and gardens outside of Mysore
Temple just around the corner from where i am staying, lit up at dusk

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lloyddiane said...

Hi Tom, nice photos! I was talking to a typical Indian lady in Boots and was telling her all about your travels. She tells me that her son hates Indian food and wants English! how funny in that you love Indian food! Should we swop when you get home. Only joking but I promise I will get out those Indian recipes.
Take care my lovely boy xxxx