28 February 2011

Calcutta, India

A few photos of the last few days in India:

Calcutta, India

My final destination of india is the major city and former capitol, Calcutta.  The original plan was to watch the england vs india world cup cricket match here, sadly that got moved to bangalore, but that hasn't detracted from a great time in the city.
After exploring the busy new market area i strolled down the huge maidan park in the city that has some 50 cricket pitches.  Slightly south at the end of the maidan is royal calcutta race club and it just so happened that there was a full race card on saturday so we went for a fun afternoon gambling a few rupees on the horses.
Yesterday was spent watching the cricket match in a local bar with a very loud atmosphere, enjoying the good variety of snacks and street food here, had paratha (fried read) roll with egg and veg in for lunch.
Off to see the marble palace tomorrow aswell as the vitoria monument.

25 February 2011

Nagpur, Cricket World Cup, India

Well after having experienced the countdown to the cricket world cup since I arrived in India back in November it finally started last week.
England's first match being against Holland in the town of Nagpur and it really was a great day out.  The town of Nagpur itself is not great and sees very few tourists so all of the local indians were happy to see us, so we had to pose for photographs with them in and around the ground, evan sign autographs haha.
No more than 100 england fans were there in total, but still there was a good atmosphere around the ground before the match.  When it got underway holland batted better than we thought and england weren't at their best, but we got the win in the end!

18 February 2011

Mamallapuram, India

Have enjoyed my time here in Mamallapuram, did see more of the temples and carvings, and witnessed some indian festival today.
I have no idea what the festival was for all the indians just made more noise than usual and all went in the sea, they all had fun like.
Enjoyed a nice few meals this week, good chicken curries aswell as the usual veg thalis - eaten with my hands just like the locals do.


14 February 2011

Mamallapuram, India

The countdown is still on for the cricket world cup starting in India, with just 4 days to go now. 
This week im residing in Mamallapurum a small town 2 hours south of chennai, its got an alright beach, and it is also a world heritage site with lots of original hindu rock carved temples dotted about, have yet to take any photos  as spent the weekend relaxing and watching the football.

11 February 2011

Kodaikanal, India

 Sadly cant see much of the view that was behind us, due to the mist and clouds, but still a nice few days
 Kodaikanal lake
Walking through the forest lots of monkeys about

7 February 2011

Kodaikanal, India

After an early start yesterday and a series of local buses I left the Nilgiri hills and Ooty, headed further south in Tamil Nadu, then back up in the hills to Kodaikanal, some 2200metres above sea level.  Staying in a nice quiet hostel looking out into the hills and valleys, have yet to get any good photos as it went totally cloudy and misty this afternoon with little visibility.  Still the village itself is relaxing and very scenic set around a lake so took it easy today, will hope for some better weather the next few days and might explore abit more.

5 February 2011

Ooty, India

Spent the majority of the day on the local bus from Mysore yesterday to get to Ooty, but that said it proved to be the most scenic journey, passing through 2 national parks with monkeys, elephants and other wildlife spotted from the bus.  Even with the bus breaking down twice, we just stopped and got out to look at the tea plants.
Sadly the hill station of Ooty isn't as nice as the surrounding countryside, the town itself abit busy and dirty.  So today i wandered around the botanical gardens with my camera, and watched some of a football tournament at the local stadium.
Going to try to get the bus across tamil nadu tomorrow to get down to kodaikanal, ment to be a nicer quiter place in the hills, and will hopefully be able to go out walking there.

3 February 2011

Mysore, India

Had another nice day today wandering around the town, walked out to the zoo this morning and looked at all the animals including indian and african elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes and many more.  Then went to the art gallery thisa afternoon to see some of the paintings from the maharaja colonial era of india very good.  Anyway here is a few of the photos:

 Above Mysore palace completed in 1912

 Typical south indian meal of veg thali  surved authentically on banana leaf
 Me walking back home to the hostel past the lake and gardens outside of Mysore
Temple just around the corner from where i am staying, lit up at dusk

2 February 2011

Mysore, India

Well after nearly 2 months lazing around in goa, i finally started to get moving again on monday
And it was a decision i was glad off, decent nights sleep on the train down south, then get the local bus from bangalore to mysore.  Staying a little bit out of town at a cheap international hostel, but seen as i have all day i just wandered into town, and took in the sight of Mysore palace, completed in 1912 it totally immaculate and exquistely decorated with lots of gold leaf and paintings on the ceilings. It gets illuminated by some 90000 bulbs at the weekend, but il miss that as would have moved on to the hill station of ooty then, in tamil nadu.
Took in more of the town including the staple south indian diet of masala dosas (like pancakes bit bit crispy with potato curry in) and veg thalis (as much rice as you can eat n diff veg curries ontop).  Going to Charamundi hill tomorrow, several kms outside of mysore with a hindu temple on the top.
Pictures to follow soon