24 March 2011

Cameron Highlands, Malaysia

After arriving at the village of Tanah Rata up in the Cameron Highlands I found a comfortable new guest house to stay in for the week; perfect for relaxing and watching television when the weather is poor, as it can rain all year round up in the highlands, creating the lush green countryside of the area.
Went out the following morning and did a short but steep trek up from the village to get a good look out over the surrounding areas.  Yesterday rain stopped play for most of the day so I just darted around the village in the afternoon, getting some chinese food for lunch.
Today the weather has stayed clear all day, so a short hop on a bus got us to the Boh Tea Estate, walking up the hills through all the tea plantations gave fantastic views and some of the best scenery i've seen so far...

20 March 2011

Penang, Malaysia

Have visited more of the sights around the island.  Including Kek Lok Si, one of the largest buddhist complexes in South East Asia, sat up ontop of a hill looking over the rest of Penang.
There are of smaller chinese temples in the old part of town aswell, been watching the football over this weekend, as there were a few rain showers on the island, moving on upto the Cameron Highlands tomorrow.

17 March 2011

Penang, Malaysia

Flew down earlier in the week from Bangkok to the island of Penang just near the top of the Malaysian Peninsula.  Have been wandering around the town, experiences the sights of little india, aswell as the chinatown, along with this the numerous different food options avaiable.
Yesterday I took the bus along the north coast of the island to visit the beach at Batu Ferringi which was pleasant and certainly hot and humid in the midday sun. Staying here the rest of the week as lots to see and photograph and just enjoying the general laid back vibe of the colonial town.

13 March 2011

Bangkok, Thailand

Returned to Bangkok for the weekend, as i have a flight down to Penang, Malaysia on monday.  Spent the day yesterday taking in the new arts and culture centre, aswell as looking round the numerous malls at siam square.

9 March 2011

Bridge over the River Kwai, Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Bit of a tropical rain shower this morning to start the day off; as i was on a bus heading toward Kanchanaburi - the site of the infamous Bridge over the River Kwai where hundreds of thousands of Prisoners of War during WWII slaved over the construction of the Thailand-Myanmar Railway, many of which sacrificed their lives.  Fascinating to see the bridge with such a history behind it.

8 March 2011

Street Food, Thailand

A selection of the numerous snacks on offer around the evening market around Ayuthaya:

6 March 2011

Ayuthaya, Thailand

Escaped an hour and a half north of bangkok yesterday to the unesco world heritage and former capitol of thailand.  Much more relaxing here although still very hot and particularly humid.
Spending the next few days exploring the ancient palaces and wats dotted around the place.

4 March 2011

Bangkok, Thailand

A short flight from Calcutta landed me safely into Bangkok couple of days ago. Staying round the corner from the Khao San road, and had forgot just how much it is tourist central.  Still it is nice to be back and easy as I already know the place and my way around.
Spent yesterday getting a new thai tattoo on my leg, which took about 3 hours and was abit sore.  Today I have been organising where I may go next, aswell as a trip to the dentist to repair several teeth of mine (I thought I would require a filling but it turned out to be more than that).
Anyway abit more shopping around bangkok later, maybe a trip to the national museum.