26 April 2011

Orang-Utans, Bukit Lawang, Indonesia

After a torrential downpour last night in the rain forest I wasn't sure what the weather would be like the following day, but it turned out dry and bright for a guided trek into the Mt. Leuser National Park.
It was quite demanding through the jungle up and down numerous paths, branches and streams.  First we spotted the Thomas Leaf Monkeys in the trees which were quite tame and friendly.
Deeper into our trek after getting bored of all the walking and hiking we finally saw some Orang-Utans, which is of course the reason I had come to Bukit Lawang.  The 5 Orang-Utans we spotted were semi-wild, as there is a feeding station at the base of the rain forest to help them out.  They were rather calm and friendly so could get good close photos...

24 April 2011

Easter in the Jungle, Bukit Lawang, Indonesia

After a long day of travel on friday we made it to Bukit Lawang in the jungle of Sumatra.
Staying upstream right next to the river, bit busy over this weekend as it is the Easter holidays so lots of local people have come for a day out aswell.  Most of them playing in the river in big rubber rings and tyres, and generally splashing about, so have had a good day paddling in the river. Happy Easter

20 April 2011

Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia

After having been rather busy recently in Malaysia and Singapore, and watching the Formula 1, I got a short flight out of KL to Medan in North Sumatra, to head somewhere abit more relaxed and quiet.
The following morning made an early start by local bus from Medan towards Parapat.  Once at Parapat it was a nice 30 minutes on a little ferry over to the island of Samosir located on Danau Toba (Lake Toba).  It is a beautiful place with the lake being the largest volcanic lake in the world.  The ferry dropped me off in Tuk Tuk the little village where i have had lake front views all week from my room, been swimming in the calm water and reading in the sun.

Not so many tourists visit here nowadays so it has been very tranquil, the local Batak people have all been friendly and I have enjoyed some of the local food such as chicken rendang curry.

11 April 2011

2011 Formula 1 Malaysia Petronas Grand Prix, Sepang Circuit, Kuala Lumpur

It was a long long time ago that I had booked my ticket for the F1 Malaysian Grand Prix, finally this weekend I was in KL to witness all 3 days of it, free practice on friday, qualifying on saturday, then the main race yesterday, all from the front row of the grand stand.
Can't really say just how exciting it was, free practice on friday got to go all around the track and take photos.  For the main race I was opposite the pit lane and on the start finish straight, had to have ear plugs in because the noise is truely deafening. Here are a few of the hundreds of photos I took...

5 April 2011


Totally different from the usual backpacking places I visit, the past few days have been in the modern metropolitan island city of Singapore.  Its a fantastic city with some great architecture, skyscrapers and alot to see and do.  The first afternoon was just spend wandering round taking in our surroundings and seeing the skyline...
Then yesterday we went on a trip to Singapore Zoo, saw everything here approximately 300 species of animal that they have.
Then last night a few stops on the metro took us to Marina Bay.  To see the night sky light up with the skyscrapers and get a view at the "Skypark" - which can be described as 3 skyscrapers with a boat along the top of them! It has a casino at the top aswell as restaurants, swimming pools, the lot.

2 April 2011

Tiomen Island, Malaysia

After meeting my friend in KL and a quick day tour the next day we got the bus to Mersing just in time to catch the last ferry over to Tiomen Island.
Got a tidy little hut along a quite part of the coast on the small island and had a good few days relaxing, just a small village and very laidback vibe, the interior of the island was complete jungle to explore abit aswell.

1 April 2011

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Just stopped by KL for one night to meet a friend before moving on the next day did get a few good snaps tho, loads on bikers racing round the city streets and night and some well lit up buildings...
(Will be spending more time next week in KL for the Malaysia Formula 1 Grand Prix cannot wait)