11 June 2012

Electric City (Akihabara), Tokyo, Japan

Some more downtown action in Tokyo, this time around the area known as electric city, which explains itself selling all kind of computer and electrical equipment, aswell as numerous maid cafes with girls dressed up.

Food in Tokyo, Japan

Heres a few snaps of my evening meal, including some fried noodles and a selection of kebabs, was enjoyed with a few young lads that were originally from China but lived in Tokyo for work:

10 June 2012

Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan

The Asakusa area in Tokyo is home to the famous Senso-ji temple, it was extremely busy on the sunday I visited with many locals and japanese tourists going to visit.

9 June 2012

Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

Here is just a few pictures of the Shibuya area of Tokyo, home to maybe the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world at Hachiko Square. Modern area with many shops popular with a young crowd and places to eat and bars.  The rainy weather and amount of umbrellas around did hamper my photos a little bit.

8 June 2012

Nara, Japan

Not far outside of Kyoto is the prefecture of Nara, which is a world heritage site with its temples spread amongst park and forest land; which having many deer roaming around in as they are said to protect the city, it has a rich history as it was capital of Japan way back in 710 ad.  So had a pleasant time wandering around for most of the day.
Pictures are:
rice paddles used to leave messages and wishes at the temples.
the 5 level pagado of horyu-ji
people cleansing themselves with water before going to temple
the huge todai-ji temple which contains a large golden buddah

7 June 2012

Kyoto, Japan

Fitted in a short trip upto Japan for this week! Shame I didnt have longer to see alot more and get used to the country as the Japanese people didnt speak too much english but were all very polite.
After arriving late wednesday night in tokyo and going out forabit, the next morning jumped on the 'shinkansen' bullet train to get to Kyoto 2 and half hours later.
Below is me trying some food - Okonomiyaki, kind of a japanese pizza but alot more like an omelette/savoury pancake.  And beneath that out with my m8 and some american tourists and locals.