18 November 2012

Solo (Surakarta), Indonesia

It might not have many sights to see but Solo; real name Surakarta; is alright, yesterday I had a look in the museum and library of artefacts, before today I visited the king of Surakarta's Kraton (like palace) had a authentic feel of a past era due to it being abit run down. It did house an interesting collection of carriages that kings would travel in style in.
Wandering around the flee market area of the city I stopped for Bakso Komplit Ayam, translated is complete chicken meatballs, soup that is, which turned out to be pretty filling.


Elliot said...

miss you tom!

lloyddiane said...

well it certainly looks as if you enjoy the food wherever you go Tom.
Tonight we had home made lasana with salad and garlic bread....obviously! ha ah.