31 October 2012

Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

First couple few days away have been pretty easy going with a bit of beach time at Kuta/Legian beaches.  Which are pleasant enough but firmly in the over developed touristy-ness category of places to stay, with enough counterfeit goods and junk products being sold by the locals to dress a small country.  However did get in some shots of the sunset along the beach, the sea can be pretty rough and is very popular with surfers.

29 October 2012

Brisbane, Australia

Arrived today in Bali, Indonesia but first the backstory...
So after a change in fortunes in the land of Australia I was made redundant, not finding another job; at this point an executive decision was made to retire (temporarily) and hit SE Asia for full backpacking coverage.
All was not bad, I enjoyed my last month in Australia for now seeing a few sites before I left and eating/drinking out.  I was to fly out yesterday but due to a delayed flight I missed my connection to Bali, but that meant I got put up in a hotel for the night and got fed before I departed on this mornings flight.  Heres a couple of cityscapes of Brisbane for now: