21 April 2014

Pushkar, Rajasthan, India

Made it up to Rajasthan, but I should explain how first... My train from Goa to Mumbai was going to be 10 hours late the other night, so I got a different train but this was unreserved seating and it was full so i was sat on the floor all night.  But I got to Mumbai; got some needed rest and got another train ticket for the following day to get me to Ajmer, near Pushkar.
So this is the scene around the lake in Pushkar, its a holy little village and many locals come to go in the lake and surrounding temples.
There are Ghats all around the lake, which refer to the sets of steps leading down into the water and nearby temples/buildings I think.  Most of which are painted pale blue in Pushkar giving a tranquil look, and it was quite relaxing being in a smaller village after the noise of Mumbai the other day.


lloyddiane said...

this looks really unique Tom.
i like the way the gnats are all painted the pale blue...yes very tranquil it seems.

lloyddiane said...

sorry Tom, a mistake. the gnats are the steps aren't they i like the buildings painted that serene blue .