26 May 2014

Vashisht, Himachal Pradesh, India

Currently staying in the little backpackers village of Old Manali, set in the Kullu Valley. Fantastic scenery all around here.  These few are from walking across the river and north up along the valley to near the village of Vashisht and up to a waterfall.

Whilst these couple are from a walk alot further up the valley today passing through a couple of local villages; stopping for chai on the way; then climbing above the village of Palchan for this view.


Erin Christel said...

Wow awesome pics!! You look like a wild guy living out in the back woods in Canada. Did you catch a trout with your bare hands?

tom x said...

no put you can go trout fishin loadsa places advertise it n we had thought about it :) and u could do rafting down the river

lloyddiane said...

Oh wow Tom the scenery is amazing! how will you cope when you come home? x

nannyholmes said...

Hi Tom
many thanks for the postcard, received today. So glad you are getting a little respite from the heat. Rob is still suffering although the rain has cooled it down a bit.
Looking forward to seeing you next month. Take care, lots love,
Nanny xxx