29 March 2014

Munnar, Kerala, India

I have to say it was very relaxing staying up in the hills in Munnar for a few days, especially because whilst it was still hot in the day, the temperature was much cooler at night being in the hills and this meant a decent sleep.
I didn't have to walk far from my guesthouse to be able to explore the tea plantations, once over a few hills I could not see the town and was surrounded by hills and tea plants, it was good exploring.  I also visited a local tea factory/museum that showed how black tea is made by baking and chopping the leaves up, however the informed indian guide instructed us that black tea is no good, as all the goodness and health benefits are lost during processing the leaves, so we should all be drinking lots of green tea instead.

Found a few good little restaurants for good southern indian food, including masala dosas (like a crispy pancake), parathas (fried breads) and the classic vegetarian thali (rice and several dishes) seen below.

27 March 2014

Fort Kochi, Kerala, India

Left Goa and got the train down overnight to the southern state of Kerala, I have to say I'm struggling abit as this month and April are the hottest months before the rainy season down here.
First stop in Kerala has been Fort Kochi (or Fort Cochin), an old port town first ran by the Portuguese, then Dutch then later British, so quite a rich history for the little town, which churches and various buildinga dating back to the 1500s.  Pleasant wandering around here and the nearby Mattancherry area where I visited the palace which is now a museum.
Photos are of traditional chinese style fishing nets, that counter leaver down into the sea and back, I have to say it didn't look like they were catching too much yesterday, then the Santa Cruz Basilica.

16 March 2014

Happy Holi, INDIA

So after returning from Australia and spending some time home in England, I'm back on the road, this time for an attempt of total coverage of India, an ample challenge no doubt, but i have time on my side for now as I will be away till august.
I landed down in Mumbai tuesday afternoon, but didnt hang around too long and soon got a train ticket onto Goa, to ease myself into the trip. 
Today and tomorrow is Holi, celebrated in  India for the start of spring and showering each other in colourful dust.