Rajkot, Gujurat, India

Spent the past five days in Rajkot, the reason being to go and watch the first test of Englands cricket tour of India. It was the first time the Surashtra cricket association stadium; about 12km out of the city; has hosted a test match. Due to this distance outside the city there was a pretty low attendance for the match, with the current crisis of large denomination currency notes being recalled to banks also a factor and major inconvenience.
There was some Barmy Army England fans in the city to see the test, but with Gujurat being a dry state (no alcohol available), I think a few gave it a miss!
One morning I had time to see the Kaba Gandhi No Delo - Gandhi's fathers house, so learnt alot more on the history of his life.
The locals were not used to seeing any tourists in their city so were happy to see and talk to us. In one local restaurant I had to count the sheer number of waitors ready to serve us, I counted at least 16! The Gujurati thali served was very tasty. It is said that Gujurati people have a sweet tooth and this was definetely true with some extremely sugary desserts included in this thali.

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